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This Landscape Design In Acadia Added Beauty And Solved Erosion Problems

We usually get two types of phone calls.  New clients have either seen our work in the backyard of a neighbor and now they want something similar in their already established backyard.  Or we get calls about an ugly yard with erosion problems, drainage issues, or dead zones.  That is when we come in with landscaping solutions that not only make a yard functional, but we also get to add some beauty.  This home in the Piedmont / Powdersville area is right on the Saluda River.  So it has a slope and had water runoff issues.  We were able to use boulders and machinery to reduce the slope and add a dry creek bed.  That same slope was also the perfect place to install a pondless waterfall.  And once you have the waterfall, you have to have a natural stone patio beside it to enjoy the sound!