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Do You Really Need A Landscape Blueprint?

Landscape design means different things to different people.  Probably 80% of our clients don't actually need or use a formal landscape architect when doing their installation.  That is usually just because the scope of the project does not require it.  The other 20% of our clients who do opt to have an official landscape blueprint drawn up usually do so for two reasons.  It is either a large and complicated build, or the installation is being done commercially or for a government body.

If you do think your project might benefit from a master plan, then give us a call and let's talk some options.  We can give you an idea of what to expect in terms of timeline and cost.  It is always free to have an informal conversation with us over the phone to tell us more about your yard, vision, and what is most important to you when it comes to spending your money.


Whether you are interested in a master plan for your entire property or creating an intimate outdoor space, here are just some of the things you can expect when working with our designated landscape architect:

  In depth on-site consultation
  “Getting to Know You” via our Design Questionnaire
  Comprehensive design produced on CAD software
  Formal in-person presentation of design solution
  Revisions if necessary

In addition to the professional plans, we can help you with estimates so you don't over design for your budget.

Two Situations When You 100% Need a Landscape Design Plan

  1. You live in Greenville city limits.  If you are doing any type of landscape project in Greenville city limits that includes cutting down trees, adding a hardscape, or even just having machinery on site, then you will want a landscape design plan that you can submit as part of your city permitting process.  Don’t worry though, we can handle of that for you.
  2. You are spending more than $50,000 or have a complex design.  In the early days of Green Hill we would take on projects where some clients didn’t want to pay for a landscape design plan.  Some went OK, some were hectic, few were good.  The landscape design plan allows us as installers to know where everything goes.  It has dimensions.  It has callouts and specs.  If you came to us and needed two acres of sod and mulch for a park and the total was $80,000, then you may not need a plan.  But if you are doing a backyard renovation with landscape lights, plants, edging, patio and a fire pit, then you really need to invest in a landscape plan to ensure a smooth install.