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The New Alternative To Traditional Swimming Pools

A recreational swimming pond is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  It is a backyard pond that you can actually get in, swim in, and recreate in.  We have a few videos below that do a much better job introducing recreational ponds than we can do here on a website in text.  But first, let us explain what you are about to watch.  The videos are produced by AquascapeInc.  Aquascape is the largest and leading manufacturer of the equipment needed to be build backyard and ecosystem ponds.  We at Green Hill Landscaping are Master Certified Aquascape Contractors (CAC).  That means we are one of less than 100 certified contractors in the country who are qualified at the highest level to build large scale recreation ponds.

In our opinion it is basically impossible to see these beautiful completed projects and at not at least get curious about how these ponds work.  Don’t get scared by the prices listed in the videos.  The best of the best ponds are extremely expensive, but many ponds can be built for somewhere between $50,000 and $150,000.

A Must Watch Video To Introduce Recreational Ponds

Recreational Swimming Pond Basics

The appeal of a swim pond is its crystal clear water and the landscape drama you can create with boulders, streams, ledges, and waterfalls.  Have you ever been to Lake Jocassee and noticed the water clarity?  The average visibility is 20 to 50 feet.  A big reason for this is that the lake is fed by numerous streams and waterfalls that are spread throughout the lake.  The water is always naturally circulating.  That is similar to how our ponds work.  The water is naturally filtered through multiple layers of gravel.  Native water plants filter the water further.  A correctly built swim pond is constructed so that the upkeep is considerably less than a traditional concrete or shell swimming pool.

Benefits of a Swim Pond

-Uses nature to stay clean and clear

-Requires about ten minutes a week of upkeep

-Systems are easy to maintain

-Easy to enjoy year round

-Not just for kids and sunbathing (but kids love them!)

-Most importantly, the pond becomes the envy of the neighborhood!

Traditional Pool Limitations

-Chemicals are unnatural and expensive

-Designs age quickly and date a home

-Minor system breaks can costs thousands to fix

-Have to replace the liner every few years

-Get unused once kids move out

-Are only useful June-August

The Construction Side Of A Recreation Pond

We Know You Are Interested, What’s The Next Step?

A swim pond can be built during any time of year in the Greenville, South Carolina area.  So the timing is always right.  But when spending the same amount of money a luxury SUV would cost, you want to make sure you understand what you are getting.  These swim ponds are relatively new.  They are just now starting to catch on so the amount of information you can find online is going to be limited.  We would encourage to do a little “internet research”, but we would also welcome you to give us a call and talk for a few minutes about how we can help.  And check back to this page frequently.  We are currently building a swim pond in the mountains of Marietta, SC.  We will be uploading some great pictures and videos of that build.