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As you have probably noticed, every single landscaper “does sod.”  To speak frankly, if you are trying to have someone lay sod for as cheaply as possible, then it won’t be us.  We don’t cut corners, we don’t use low quality sods, and we just aren’t going to be the low bidder.  With that said, if we are installing sod as part of a larger landscape renovation then we do price it very competitively because we already onsite doing everything else.  We just aren’t scaled to come in and only do a 2,000 square foot installation.  Our value is our skill set in other more decorative areas that add to the uniqueness and personality of a landscape.

The sods that grow best in the Greenville area are fescue, bermuda, and zoysia.  Many home owner’s associations will have requirements on what type of grass you are allowed to have.  So be sure to check with your HOA before having any grass put in.

We will lay seed and straw if that is what you desire.  But we do not warranty seed and it doesn’t always take.  We always recommend paying more and just getting sod from the start.  The hard work with sod is all the leveling and bringing in topsoil.  You have to do the same thing with seed, so you might as well upgrade to sod.