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Waterfalls, Fire Boulders, A Koi Pond, and A Spa Right Off Pelham Road

This project hit just about everything on our specialty list.  I think what is most exciting about this installation is that I bet it cost about a a third of what you think it would.  This backyard is less than 100 yards from Pelham Road, but you would never know it.  The flowing stream and a couple of waterfalls completely drown out any traffic noise you would probably hear otherwise.  This project has a great koi pond and many tons of boulders and large stepping rocks.  The landscape lighting and pond lighting make this a really fun place to hang out while watching some college football on the outdoor tv, especially at night.  However, the show stopper has to be the fire rocks, aka the boulders with propane flames.  And you can't tell from the pictures, but the rocks let off some heat!  This is really an entertainer's dream.