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15 Years Experience – Only Certified Master Aquascape Contractor In The Upstate

We could write a novel about our history, experience, and skill designing and installing captivating water features in Greenville and beyond.  But if you are at all interested in water features, don't take our word for it, please view the video below.  Everything in the video was built by us for clients across the upstate and into Western North Carolina.  We also have many high quality photos on our portfolio page.

We can install something as simple as a spillover bowl with a gravel basin or we can build something complex like a recreational pond that holds thousands of gallons of water.  Every installation is special to the homeowner for a number of different reasons.  Some people just love the sound, others like the fact that the pond or waterfall is bringing nature back to the landscape.  More than 75% of all the landscape installations we do have a water feature.  We are the upstate's only master certified aquascape contractor (CAC).  If you are considering a build, our advice is to talk to us and build it correctly the first time.


A Small But Impressive Group Of Past Builds


Our 15 years of water feature experience includes but is not limited to:

  Ecosystem Ponds– Beautifully naturalized ponds incorporating the 5 parts to the ecosystem: Filtration, Rocks and Gravel, Recirculation System, Fish, and Aquatic Plants. When all of the components of an ecosystem are assembled correctly, they form a beautiful, low-maintenance and natural work of art.
  Pondless Waterfalls– Also referred to as a disappearing waterfall, pondless features are ideal when issues dealing with safety, cost, space, maintenance, flexibility are a priority.  These are local favorites in Greenville.
  Streams- Transform your backyard by installing a natural looking winding stream with boulder accents and aquatic plants
  Decorative Water Features– Install custom-made or manufactured Fountainscapes, Container Water Gardens, Standalone Fountains, Bubbling Stone Fountains and Spillway Bowls, Decorative Spitters, Fire Fountains, Paver Fountains
  Wetland Bogs– Increase the health and balance of your water feature by adding an upper and/or lower natural wetland filter.
  Recreation Ponds– If ponds were a stock, buy recreation ponds!  These are becoming increasingly popular every day as people are learning more about them.  Learn more information about recreation ponds.  These are large and expensive projects, but they are absolute showstoppers!

Also Performing Regular and Specialized Water Feature Maintenance

-Pump Repair and Replacement

-Liner Patches and Replacements

-Skimmer Box Installation

-Install or Repair Water Feature Lighting

-Winter Clean-outs

-Find and Resolve Leak Issues