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Designing and creating unique and tranquil water features is our passion at Green Hill Landscaping. Viewing these features as more of an art form than a construction process, we marry large mossy boulders to existing landforms with intuition and insight, transforming water into a magical experience of sight and sound.


Green Hill Landscaping has over 15 years experience building fantastic water features including:

  Ecosystem Ponds– Beautifully naturalized ponds incorporating the 5 parts to the ecosystem: Filtration, Rocks and Gravel, Recirculation System, Fish, and Aquatic Plants. When all of the components of an ecosystem are assembled correctly, they form a beautiful, low-maintenance and natural work of art.
  Pondless Waterfalls– Also referred to as a disappearing waterfall, pondless features are ideal when issues dealing with Safety, Cost, Space, Maintenance, Flexibility are a priority
  Streams- Transform your backyard by installing a natural looking winding stream with boulder accents and aquatic plants
  Decorative Water Features– Install custom-made or manufactured Fountainscapes, Container Water Gardens, Standalone Fountains, Bubbling Stone Fountains and Spillway Bowls, Decorative Spitters, Fire Fountains, Paver Fountains
  Wetland Bogs– Increase the health and balance of your water feature by adding an upper and/or lower natural wetland filter.
  Rain Water Harvesting– Incorporate the principals of RainXChange by Aquascape Inc.