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$100,000 Redesign With A Spa, Fire Pit, Water Feature, Sod, and Stone Patio

A landscaper's dream is to work with a customer who has a spacious backyard and a budget to do some creative work.  We found both when we were fortunate enough to team up with some like-minded homeowners in Cobblestone at Five Forks.  Day 1 we came in and cleared out the entire backyard.  The weeks after that are where the work really began.  First we worked with AAA Pools to install a custom in ground spa.  Then we worked around the spa to lay a natural flagstone patio and stepping stones.  Of course the real highlight, in our opinion, is the fire boulder surrounded by a flowing stream coming down from a custom waterfall.  Once the weather got cooler, we came back to lay 8 pallets of fresh fescue sod.  You can't really appreciate the scale in the photos, but it is a large and impressive project.  This will no doubt be on one of our upcoming tours for prospective clients.