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Add Flare / Save Money With Natural Stone

There are several big reasons to use stone for backyard hardscapes like stairs, steps, paths, and walkways.  Stone has virtually no upkeep.  You will rarely have to take an afternoon and pressure wash stone.  You don't have to spray round up on the seams every two weeks.  Stone also won't crack and age prematurely.  And if a stone step did get damaged, it can get replaced seamlessly and affordably without dating the rest of the environment.

Perhaps most importantly though, stone really isn't terribly expensive.  I can guarantee you that we can quickly and cost effectively use stone a lot better than another contractor can use concrete.  Stone helps to accent the surrounding landscape.  A stone walkway leading to your front door is much more welcoming than your common concrete path.  Check out the pictures in the gallery.  Notice how the slight differences in stone color makes everything else with color really pop!

Give us a call so we can discuss how we can use stones and rocks to accent your backyard and also make it more functional.  We can do a lot more than just what is pictured above.