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Paddington Ave Project in the North Main Area of Greenville, SC

I think this is one of our favorite projects just because it is so easy to visually appreciate the scope of the work.  Of course it also helps that it is around the corner from our office in Greenville.  We will work wherever, but it is nice to be so close to home.  But going back to being visually understood, so many water features and other elevation jobs (retaining walls, etc) need to be seen in person to appreciate them.  However, this job photographed really well.  It is easy to see how nicely the waterfall turned out.  And there isn't anyone in Greenville County who wouldn't want an outside cooking and grilling station for the spring and fall weather.  That is what is so great about a water feature.  The water feature brings you outside and then you start finding new ways to enjoy your backyard with your friends and family.