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$250,000+ Backyard Renovation w/ Swimming Pool, Spa, Boulders & Waterfalls

About once a year we get to do a really cool super high end landscape installation.  The job we are highlighting here was priced at over $250,000 but it really does have absolutely everything.  This is the culmination of 15 years of design and landscape experience.  We worked with a pool contractor to get the plumbing and pool shell in place; then we did all the fun stuff!  The stonework, brickwork, grotto, waterfalls, boulders, etc, that is all us.  What is really cool about this build (which is in the North Main area of Greenville) is that in 2013 the house sold for $207,000 and in 2018, after the pool addition, it sold for $720,000.  There is no doubt the the owners got a tremendous return on their investment.  More importantly though, they got to make priceless memories with their three kids and be the envy of the neighborhood.