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We Revamped A Yard That Was Trashed During A House Addition

You know the best time to remodel your backyard?  There are probably lots of answers to that.  But one great time to refresh a yard is after you get an addition or major work done to your house.  The contractor doing a house remodel usually has no choice but to destroy the yard when adding a new foundation, plumbing, drainage plan, etc.  That's exactly what happened on this install.  Our client was remodeling a beautiful home on Club Forest and we got to come in with new grading, plants, grass, mulch, and irrigation.  And the highlight is a raised flagstone patio with a gas burner set in a new brick and stone fire pit.  A design like this is extremely popular now.  In 40 years you wouldn't know if this work was done in 1990, 2020, or probably 2050.  It doesn't overwhelm the house or landscape.  It is functional and adds an element of class that could benefit any design.