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Five Year Water Feature Work in Progress in Chanticleer

We have been building and adding onto this water feature in Chanticleer for about five years.  There is an old adage that a water feature is the best thing you never knew you wanted.  It is not uncommon for us to add onto to small water features or rebuild old water features.  Once you get started, it is easy to get addicted to the sound and appearance.  That is why we typically recommend building as big as you can the first time.  This one in Chanticleer is tucked into a small winding corner off the back of a pool and outdoor patio.  We had to take a fence down to access the location and we had to build a retaining wall to hold everything in.  But this feature has matured nicely and now has some show caliber koi fish.  We also did the flagstone walkways and dry stack boulder walls.