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Trust Us With Your Stone Masonry Build

Every single picture you see on our website is a photo of stone work we have actually completed.  We don’t use stock images or something a friend of a friend did.  So if you see something in our portfolio that you like, then we can do it again for you.  We can install a wide range of custom patios using either natural stone or pavers.  Be sure to take a second and look at our fire pit section.  Those are very popular right now, as are decorative sitting walls and boulder retaining walls.  We will give you a word of warning that most every stone mason in Greenville is very busy right now.  Even if you don’t want to start for a few more months, it probably makes sense to go ahead and get yourself on the schedule.  Stone installation is usually the last part we complete in each landscaping project because it is most dependent upon weather and availability of materials.  We think our portfolio is very diverse.  We have grilling stations, outdoor pizza ovens, fire places, etc.  But if you need something in stone that we don’t have pictured, please just ask.