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Two Waterfalls and a Recreation Pond in Greer

This was a great job for a couple of reasons.  First off, if you are considering a water feature, it is extremely helpful if you have slope leading to a flat area of your yard.  This space in Greer was a perfect layout with both slope for a waterfall and a plain for a pond that didn't require retaining block.  Secondly, we can do our best work when we have full access all around the site.  We were building in a wide open field here so we could work the feature from all angles.  The result is a real showpiece.  The homeowners actually had this designed so their dogs could play in it.  So we have a zero edge beach entry so dogs (or people) can easily walk in and out.  Pond enthusiasts will also note the intake bay and bog filter.  This feature has about 10,000 gallons of water, and it stays crystal clear thanks to all the natural filtration we have in place.  This home was on the Pond Tour in 2019.