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Consider Using Boulder Walls To Terrace Your Yard

We were invited to bid on this landscape installation in the summer of 2019.  A well-known Greenville landscape architect drew up a smart and useful plan that is mostly true to what the final product looks like here.  When we first visited the backyard there was no good way to get down from the house to the lake.  There were a couple dozen pine trees, and the rest of the yard was dirt, wood, and non-functional stone.  We were awarded the job and started this is in early January 2020 and finished in late February 2020.

This install required over three flat bed trailers for all the stone and river rock.  There are three different dry stack Tennessee fieldstone boulder walls.  We did a Tremron roma sierra paver and fire pit.  It took another tractor trailer load of black beauty fescue sod.  We added onto the irrigation plan, spread 80 yards of mulch, twice.  You read that correctly.  About five different homes are above this cul-de-sac home in River Reserve.  We got a huge rainstorm that washed out a large majority of our original landscape installation.  So we had to put in over 1,000 feet of dry creek beds to divert the water.  Fortunately, that solves the drainage issue and the landscape looks amazing today.