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Pictures Don't Do Justice To This Special Installation That Has Everything

We are very fortunate to have a lot of great customers who have the same vision as us when it comes to landscape tastes and styles.  It it hard to tell from these photos, but this entire lot is only on .22 acres (right behind Eastside High School).  When we were asked to quote this, it was about 2,000 square feet of grass and a very steep slope with just mulch and juniper.  Now it is completely unrecognizable from where it started.  The main installation was the 16'x21' pond with a 35' waterfall leading into it.  There is about a 15' drop in the waterfall from its source to the pond.  There is 1,500 square feet of paver patio, a paver fire pit, a synthetic putting green, stone steps, stone walls, flagstone walkways, and look at all the amazing plants!  This is really one of those you have to see it in person to understand all the moving parts.