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Pool Landscaping and Fence Project in Piedmont, SC

We were originally consulted for this landscape installation because we did the project for a next door neighbor, that we called the River Reserve project.  Like a lot of homes on the lake at River Reserve, this home had a severe slope from the street down to the lake.  The entire slope was probably a 50' drop.  That was a problem for two reasons.  The homeowners wanted to add a pool and wanted to have a flat area for their kids to play sports.  In order to do this we had to bring in over a million pounds of dirt.  Because of the dirt, we needed 600 facial feet of retaining wall block.  And of course if you have a bunch of new dirt and walls, you need sod.  This one had 17,000 square feet of zoysia sod.  And lastly, if you are adding a pool you can't forget about the fence and it never hurts to add a little hardscaping.  So we also installed about 500' of aluminum fencing and a paver patio.

The pictures really don't capture the full scope of the project.  We basically reworked with walls, sod, fencing, and hardscaped nearly a half acre of backyard.  The total price was right around $100,000.